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Natural History, Captive Care and Breeding

Thomas Wilms

• ISBN Nr 3-936180-12-1
• Barcode 9783936180121
• 142 pages (full color), hardcover
• 142 color photos
• 23 drawings and distribution maps

Complete information on all species of the genus Uromastyx. Important areas of interest for hobbyists, herpetologists and veterinarians are covered

Thomas Wilms is a Biologist who has been working with Uromastyx for over 15 years and is successfully breeding many species in captivity. Through his travels within the natural habitat of Uromastyx, he has been able to add significantly to our scientific knowledge of these animals in the wild, even discovering entirely new species!

1. Introduction
2. Name and Systematics
3. Distribution and Zoogeography
4. Habitat and Natural History
5. Behavior
6. Predators, Threats and Conservation
7. Captive Care
7.1 Recommendations for Purchase and Acclimation
7.2 Terrarium Size
7.3 Population Density and Social Structure
7.4 Setting Up the Terrarium
7.5 Climate
7.6 Lighting Requirements
7.7 Nutrition
7.8 Life Expectancy
8. Reproduction
8.1 Sex Determination and Composition of Breeding Groups
8.2 Gestation and Egg Laying
8.3 Incubation
8.4 Raising the Hatchlings
9. Identification Key to Uromastyx Species
10. Species of the Genus Uromastyx
10.1 The Uromastyx acanthinura Complex
10.1.1 Uromastyx acanthinura
10.1.2 Uromastyx dispar
10.1.3 Uromastyx geyri
10.1.4 Uromastyx alfredschmidti
10.2 The Uromastyx aegyptia Complex
10.2.1 Uromastyx aegyptia
10.2.2 Uromastyx leptieni
10.2.3 Uromastyx occidentalis
10.3 Uromastyx asmussi
10.4 Uromastyx hardwickii
10.5 Uromastyx loricata
10.6 The Uromastyx ocellata Complex
10.6.1 Uromastyx ocellata
10.6.2 Uromastyx macfadyeni
10.6.3 Uromastyx ornata
10.6.4 Uromastyx benti
10.7 Uromastyx princeps
10.8 Uromastyx thomasi
11. Skin Diseases in Uromastyx (by Dr. Gunther Köhler)
12. Acknowledgements
13. Bibliography
Common Names of Uromastyx Species
Table: Clutch Mass in Uromastyx Species
Table: Ingredients of vitamin-mineral supplements
14. Glossary
15. Index